About Shanaya

 New News! 
We are proud to announce Shanaya is officially currently being submitted/packaged out to All Networks and Studios, 2016! 
By; Latino Literacy Now International, the largest awards in the USA promoting Latino Writers/Literature Internationally for 17 years founded by Actor/Director Edward James Olmos and Kirk Whisler.  


Shanaya is a five time published International and National multiple award winning author, high in demand national motivational speaker, as well as a singer-songwriter and actress.

Shanaya is currently in Nashville for the remainder of 2016 recording music – contemporary-mix/pop genre.

Entertainment Industry professionals Inquiries:
Carlos Martinez
Scribe Services Public Relations
818 263-6250
Or in any direct business relation: fastje99@gmail.com




Quotes From Upcoming Fifth Book

The house looked exactly the same, as it should have, “It was the first place I thought of when I touched you.” Zan gulped

But how much fun is the end of the world if it isn’t romanticized?

“You have to step forward.” Zan said lowly, his entire body shaking from the suspense of watching Evander make friends with the darkness. In order to see what was behind it, the room had to trust you.

She needed to isolate herself for the sake of self-preservation; so that whenever Evander or Zan would request her presence, she’d be more than willing to oblige.

Evander quickly rubbed away the wetness from his eyes, “I’ll bite. What’s in your damn pocket?”

Ebra laughed menacingly, “Did your darling bury those skeletons of his? Don’t worry, Eira is taking good care of him and the girl.”

Maybe in the books, the true books unknown to mankind scribed by the original source of life, it was written that a man of terror will reign and cause mass hysteria when all souls should meet their inevitable death.