DSC_09332017 – Shanaya accepted a favorable partnership with a highly successful entertainment company in representing her screenplay. Dedicated to her craft, she is immersed in writing her sixth book, a paranormal/fantasy novel.

Late 2016 –  Shanaya was packaged and submitted to film and television networks/studios by Latino Literacy Now Intl., the largest organization in the U.S. promoting latino writers and literature Internationally for nineteen years.  Founded by actor/director Edward James Olmos, and Kirk Whisler.

Shanaya is a five-time published, multiple international/national award winning writer. She has a total of thirteen elite awards under her belt.

Ms. Fastje has been a passionate  motivational speaker since the age of ten.

At eighteen years old, age is just a number…


Carlos Martinez:  Scribe Services Public Relations     

                                                                                                  www.scribeservicespr.com  818-263-6250

                                                     Or any direct business relation to:  fastje99@gmail.com

To learn more about Shanaya: See tabs (incl. the “++” symbols) on the upper left corner

To share:

When Shanaya is writing books, films, etc…she enjoys listening to music,

and has composed/recorded a few for film or tv.

 It is obviously coming from her passion as a storyteller, organic nature of her character and style,

she has put enjoyment in creating,  

and decided to share with  entertainment Industry professionals “only”, upon request.  

Serious Inquiries only to:  fastje99@gmail.com  

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