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2017 – Shanaya acquired a favorable partnership with a highly successful entertainment company in representing her first screenplay after being offered a first refusal deal for writing a television series. Dedicated to her craft, she is immersed in writing her sixth book, a paranormal/fantasy novel.

Shanaya is an eccentrically eloquent entertainer and extraordinaire. With a boundless, nonconforming imagination and perception of her surroundings, Shanaya has an inclination to incite social justice through enthralling storytelling in the form of fiction novels and films by using fantasy-like narratives to evoke awareness of common tribulations.DSC_0014_pp (1)

Ms. Fastje’s range of talent surpasses the perception of average. When her career first came to be at a very young age as a national motivational speaker – speaking with great ardor each time (at venues such as The University of Southern California, California State University: San Bernardino, La Verne University, and The Queen Mary, to name just a few) – it was then that she was distinguished and quickly evolved to be one of the youngest, most influential proud young Latina women today.

An international and national award winning author of four books by the time she was fifteen, she released her 5th book in 2016 – a sci-fi/fantasy novel titled Velvet Door Society – at age seventeen.

When she was twelve, with a unique niche of authorship, Shanaya signed a traditional publishing contract for her life-impacting, multi-international award winning book titled Bully in The Mirror; a self-help book for teens, parents, schools, and teachers, which helps with teaching to build stronger self-esteem and confidence for a desirable life.

In a remarkable turn of events, Bully in The Mirror was voted worthy for “Books to Movies” by a panel of 126 judges in the entertainment industry (including CEOs of television networks, and more), & by Latino Literacy Now Intl. A year later she was awarded as a winner of such.

At thirteen years old, Shanaya graduated high school with honors and nineteen credits over the requirement in Texas.

Her list of extraordinary achievements has been praised, and she has been awarded by prominent figures, including U.S. President Barack Obama, Governor Rick Perry, Mayor John Cook – proclaiming Shanaya Fastje day in El Paso Texas – the city of Burbank (CA) honoring her with the Austin Cook Award, and many more.