What Others Have Said



President Obama – “Thank you for your devotion to service and for doing all you can to shape a better tomorrow for our great nation.”


48cb828e-a050-4d7c-b6f2-945882009650Randy Peyser/Author One Stop – “It is an honor to support you and your success. It is always a pleasure to support someone who is as passionate about their mission, it is an exciting adventure to watch as your career unfolds too; but it’s not just about what you do that is so special, it is the essence of you that is so lovable, inspiring and profound.”


Betty Fajardo/School Counselor/Tierra Del Sol Elem. School – “Please thank Shanaya for her presentations; I had many teachers ask me ‘Where did you find her?’ I was very impressed.”


My One School Inc./National Charity – “I must not forget to mention Shanaya Fastje, my wonderful leader and superstar who continues to be our spokesperson. Her laborious efforts are not only appreciated, but an inspiration to young and old alike. She tirelessly raises funds for MOSI and does so with a smile on her face. So thank you Shanaya!”


cd-disk-pictureSonia Preisser/Maryvale Orphanage/CA – “Some residential counselors from Maryvale would like to volunteer to help in any way possible, even if it means washing her dishes and laundry. The resident counselors at Maryvale commented that Shanaya will be the next Mother Teresa or Gandhi for this generation.”


Ramnath Subramanian/Retired public school teacher/Columnist – “Delightfully articulate with a penchant for words and the right turn of phrase, she carries herself with panache and self assurance that can be the envy of adults.”


Ramon Renteria/The El Paso Times – “On Her Way to LA, Author and Motivator Shanaya Fastje at 12 wows many.”


4a85da43-9c23-4b18-b335-5599770922c9Governor Rick Perry & Anita Perry – “As I often share with my own children, your journey through life and your achievements will depend on your commitment to always do your best. Your potential is limitless if you only dream, dare and do. I have no doubt that you will continue to make your parents, your peers, your teachers and your state proud.”


Governor Rick Perry – “Shanaya, one day you will be a leader in the lone star state, and I have no doubt that you will excel in every endeavor you set your mind to.”


Kennan Cooley/Examiner – “Fastje has opened her heart and life to the service of others, while she may be small in stature and years, she is big in wisdom and love of mankind. We can all learn something from Shanaya.”


…& many more…

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