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 2017-2018:  A new-paranormal /fantasy novel will be Shanaya’s sixth book.  imgres


(Will be seeking publishing offers) 





New  Release!


The first of many more sci-fi novels to come!


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For as long as she can remember, Willow has had symbolic dreams about her past, present, and future. As disturbing as they are, they don’t predict her meeting pale and handsome Evander, her spirit guide, who offers to help her understand those dreams. She doesn’t trust him enough to travel with him through other dimensions, but when his spirit friends are murdered, she agrees to go with him to find the killer. Their dangerous journey takes them to the center of the universe and the Velvet Door where a dark evil plots to take over the world.


 Bully in the Mirror 
(Multiple-International Award Winning Book; Including Books to Movies…)
                                                           Written & traditionally published at age twelve:
Bullying is everywhere….and so is media coverage of bullying. In recent months, Ladies Home Journal, The Week, Redbook, and New York Times have all run articles on bullying. Episodes of Hannah Montana and Glee have dealt with bullying, and MTC launched a reality TV show called Bully Beatdown in 2009. Even the US Government is concerned; the Department of Health and Human Services has an interactive website dedicated to cyber-bullying. Bully in the Mirror can be a powerful part of the solution. The book blends facts about the negative effects of bullying with the author’s views. Since Shanaya is a 13 year old girl who has been bullied, her experiences and those of her friends create an immediate connection with today’s kids. Each chapter provides important facts along with tips and exercises Shanaya created. Readers learn how bullies operate and how to stop them in their tracks.

                                      MYSTERY SCHOOL – CRAZY ADVENTURES

This book written at age ten, third to the series…

As the other two to the series, non  edited versions sold…


In this third book of the Mystery School series, young author Shanaya Fastje shares an entertaining and informative view of her experience being homeschooled. Her unique adventures, and extraordinary life, provide an intriguing profile for young and older readers alike.






                                MYSTERY SCHOOL – MONDAY SLEEPOVER DISASTER

This book was written at age nine, second to the series…

also non edited versions sold…


This is the second to the series of “Mystery School” books which starts on a typical Monday morning, it takes you through a crazy wedding day adventure that you won’t believe really happened. Many hillarious events carry through out the story until the night closes the day.






                                                                          MYSTERY SCHOOL

Written at age eight – this is the book that started it all!

Non edited versions sold…you can get it now!


Funny things happen on any given day at the Mystery School, a young girl tells how she see’s things as they happen unexpectedly. If you ever thought school was sometimes boring, well not in this school, the illustrations will have you smiling as they describe various adventures happening. These nonfictional stories are true moments of her life.

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