Shanaya is a success proven, proud young Latina womanpowerhouse of a writer.

Having been fearlessly writing for years – with a passionate drive and desire to tell well-written, creative stories – is where she continues her remarkably inspiring journey.

As a master creator, Shanaya’s ignitable storytelling has garnished recognition from a successful entertainment company in representing her screenplay for a feature film, after building a strong relationship and ongoing connection in other fields of entertainment.

Ms. Fastje is fitted to rise above all standards in her work, knowing her chances to impress are high, she never suppresses her constantly running imagination.

She is wired to create works with idiosyncratic, complex, but realistic and human characters, allowing others – her audience – to connect and resonate, seeing themselves on a page opposed to a mirror.

For confidentiality purposes:
all info/inquires about the screenplay will be disclosed once screened for legitimacy of interest.
+++Serious inquiries only+++
Please send to: 
…to be promptly forwarded to her screenplay-representative company’s CEO for further communication. 


Fun Fact:

In her own words, Shanaya has a “borderline-unhealthy-obsession” with the television show Supernatural and its cast. Follow her daily bustles and thoughts (including her fandom involvement) via her Twitter: @shanayafastje



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