Shanaya has been a motivational speaker since the age of ten, traveling the nation & inspiring people of all ages and walks of life, from kids to adults. She speaks organically  & always with a true relatable message delivered with hope, erudition, & perseverance as she teaches how to never give your power away…

With pop-culture and technology – in all forms – being profoundly influential, Shanaya uses her knowledge of phenomena occurring within the entertainment, musical, political, and cultural media to connect with and form a bond with her audience. As an Intersectional Feminist, Shanaya unrelentingly voices her desire to encourage today’s youth with ideologies to empower themselves and each other; including those who do not conform to society’s norms, those who experience social inequality, oppression and discrimination based on gender, race, class, and/or sexual-orientation.

If one person has the courage and the powerful mindset to help change the world, it would be Shanaya and she, without a doubt, leaves you with one thing… personal empowerment. Shanaya’s wide range of talent surpasses the perception of “average” often automatically expected of someone her age. Her foundation, intriguing methods, courage and strengths are everything but lackluster.  

Just a few places below  Shanaya has spoken… 

  • U.S.C – on behalf of Special Needs Network (two years consecutively)
  • Cal. State University –
  • La Vern University
  • Queen Mary
  • Many schools throughout the nation
  • Variety of Political events nationwide
  • Charities
  • Schools, and Libraries
  • Community Colleges
  • Many more…


Some of Ms. Fastje’s Speaking Topics:

The Feminist Movement

– Educating on Intersectional-Feminism. How oppression and discrimination within our society (towards those of a different gender, race, sexual-orientation, class etc.) affects certain groups differently and how to be all-inclusive.

– The intertwining definitions between Feminism (the advocacy for women’s rights) and Egalitarianism (favoring equality for all people); why the word “Feminism” is still relevant in the argument for equality. 

– The troubles that come with Gender Stereotyping and forcing Gender Roles.


The Theory Of Multiple Intelligences 


– Elaboration on the theory that intelligence is not “one-size-fits-all”. 

– How everyone is wired differently, therefore learns, remembers, and performs in different ways. 

– How to find and explore your own intelligence. Defining and relating to a learning style on the spectrum (Visual, Kinesthetic, Musical, Interpersonal, Interpersonal, Linguistic, Logical, Naturalistic, and Existential) of intelligence.


Personal Power & Growth


– The Curse Of Mary Sue; how inspiration should not lead to emulation. Growing into your own person.

– How keeping your personal power is the key to being confident, strong-minded, and courageous. How to not let your power be taken away from you, and what you can do to get it back if it is.

– Emotions are not weaknesses. Why getting and accepting help in times of need from others is important, and how communication helps bring upon positive change to not only our own lives, but the world. 


Media/Social-Media Impact & Influence


– Immediate access to the world; how the internet and many online communities have evolved to become creative outlets, safe-zones, and spaces in which those who feel disconnected can “connect” or fulfill a need for social interaction. 

– Pros and Cons of how the media influences us on a daily basis, whether we realize it or not. How to be more conscious about our internet activity. 

– How to healthily communicate with each other on a human level, and digital level.

– Embracing the current day and age; why that does not justify “obsessive” or dependent behaviors with social media.




– The Complexities Of A Villain: why Bullies come to exist, and how they have the ability to learn to use their powers for good opposed to evil. 

– How Extreme Victimizing can be harmful instead of helpful to someone [being] affected by the acts of harassment, bullying, or hazing. 

– How to re-build from being torn down by negativity. 

– Ways to combat bullying for parents, teachers, and kids, in an effective and positive manner that does not promote counter-bullying, aggression, installing fear in an “opponent”, or ableism.


                                                                            Motivational Speaking Fees:

 In the USA: 

Speaking fees start at 5,000 per 40 minutes. 

*Note- many factors come in place in order for negotiating her set fees.  (Ms. Fastje makes all final decisions presented to her)           Inquire to:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       fastje99@gmail.com   (att to:  Ms. Munoz)

                      International fees are to be negotiated depending on venue.


Deposit of 50% due at signing agreement. Balance must be paid three days before scheduled event.

All above fees include a 30 minute “Mix & Mingle” after event, and taking pictures with the audience (upon request).  Book selling table is optional.


All expenses below must be separately paid for Shanaya, plus one handler:

Hotel, travel, rental car/shuttle, food per diem.

Mandatory arrangements for security at your event must be made.

Please send all Booking Inquiries to:

 fastje99@gmail.com  or  915-255-5551

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